How do decking resistant to winter?

Decking fits in well with the natural ambience of a garden. To protect it, it is essentially important to make the table resistant to winter and prepare them for the cold season. informs about options and costs.

In what ways there decking is resistant to winter, comes largely depends on the type of wood used. Native woods such as birch, oak or pine require more intensive treatment to survive the winter. Here is the application of stain or varnish to make wood resistant to moisture important. Decking made from tropical wood Bangkirai other hand, requires maintenance treatment with oil only once a year. These provide strong resistance and has a high oil content and are therefore already resistant to winter. With proper care, can decking made of tropical wood last for so many decades.

Methods for maintenance of decking in winter

When it comes to maintenance of decking in the winter, you have several options:


In this variation, the protective cover plates coated with a special wood oil, drawn firmly into the wood and then closes the pores of the wood. This forms an effective protection against moisture. For each type of wood there is a special oil which moves in the price range 150 to 350NOK and sufficient 15-20m².


Wood wax offers the same benefits as the oil, so it is equally effective to do decking ready for winter, but also give the wood a shiny, protective layer. The cost of the wax is within the region as oil but is less effective. One liter is sufficient for only about 10-15m²


Treglasur is available in various versions. The durability creates a permanent, protective coating is particularly suitable for resistance in winter. The cost of a liter of glaze for about 15m2 represents approximately 100-150NOK.

Lacquer Snow-228453_1280

Technically offering paint the same function as a permanent protective glaze, which protects the wood against moisture and cold, but also changes the color. Trelakk is the most expensive alternative to decking resilience at vinteren.En liter paint sufficient 10-15m² costs about 500-800NOK.


These methods give you a long time to enjoy your terrassebordDet is important that these are her opponent skilled against winter to survive the cold season and stay intact. If you are unsure about working avterrassebord in wood, you can leave this to a professional carpenter who impregnates terrace. You can use our online form for free and without obligation contact and help.

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