Laminate and parquet of high quality: Parquet Adds makes it possible!

Wooden provide durable flooring of high quality. They delivered processed and presents a snug and warm style and atmosphere.

A parquet recliner is a specialist in its field, is predominantly wooden floors of different styles and different patterns.

Anyone who sometime have installed coverings know how much time a task will take. Since there are specialists who can perform such work quickly, professionally, there are many who choose floorlayer when they renew their home on this front. They maintain a long tradition in their profession and have a lot of experience in craftsmanship. Flooring was conducted professionally 50 years ago, as well as in dag.Laminat and parquet: joinery-39

The tasks in detail

Those skilled in the parquet laying knows his profession, whether laminate, mosaic or parquet floors. A professional can recommend the right materials for any type of room and if it's right type of flooring in accordance with each type of taste. Before laying parquet it is important to form a good basis. If the ground is level, the application easier and more precise.

Our tip

One may be an expert on flooring but to get a professional to explain the different laying techniques and tips will usually always be an advantage. One must always remember that professionals are professionals for a reason and that they will always come with valuable tips which will cause the job becomes easier and things are done correctly.

Each anything can basically learn to lay parquet as a professional, but according to including vocational training law is academic knowledge required. The training takes three years and completed with a final exam.

A parquet doctors must be able to work flexibly and provide professional customer service and treatment. Surfaces, materials and costs for laying parquet must be accurately calculated, so mathematics will be an important factor in this work as well. Last but not least is also the skills an important factor.


Working with parquet laying contains many different factors: Preparation of substrates, proper advice and service orientation, thoroughly sawing and cutting of the material and the actual installation. This results in the rigorous training in the field is iverdsatt and necessary.

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