Making wooden garden furniture resistant to winter

Wooden furniture is sensitive to cold and moisture penetration. In the fall you should therefore prepare your garden furniture for the cold season and make them resistant to winter.

To prolong garden furniture, totally resistant to weather and wine so that they survive the cold season unscathed. There are different ways to do this.

Oil is a natural variant to protect garden furniture to adverse weather conditions. The cost of a liter of oil, which is sufficient for approximately 15-20m² vary depending on between 150 and 350NOK.
Wax offers the same benefits as tung oil. But also provides a slightly shiny surface and creates protection. The cost of a liter of the wax is in the area of ​​heavy oil and protective wax, but is less productive and lasts only in 10-15m²
Especially when the garden furniture is painted with colors, it is important with the use of protection. In addition to color change paint will then perform the same function as a permanent protective glaze and form skin over the timber. The price for such a protective coating is approximately 50-80 € per liter and sufficient for about 10-15m² and is therefore just as advantageous as wax.


Garden furniture can certainly survive winter outdoors without any problems, but treatment is important! If you are not comfortable with the choice of protection, you can also get help from a professional carpenter who arranges impregnation and so does the garden furniture ready for winter.

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