DEPORTES DE COMPETICION – La Vela Por Francisco Kiko Sanchez Luna

La Vela es uno de los deportes que más triunfos y días de gloria ha dado a todos los niveles a nuestro país, tanto a nivel olímpico como en el crucero de competición.

La Vela is one of the most successful sports glory days and has given at all levels in our country, both at Olympic level competition on the cruise. In addition, Spain has developed some of the most beautiful and most economically to practice this exciting sport partner level, this has meant that Valencia has hosted the last two Copa America, World Showcase challenges until recently considered unimaginable to Spain. Alicante is and will be, in the next three editions, port of departure in the last frontier as far as sailing and adventure racing is concerned, the Volvo Ocean Race, only comparable with the ascension to 8K. Likewise Palma de Mallorca is the incomparable setting which hosts one of the best racing Mediterranean cruise, the Copa Del Rey.

Rolex Mediterranean circuit, which has grown in popularity and awareness of the general public;, both inside and outside our borders some years ago in the Mediterranean's most prestigious racing circuit in the world today unfolds.

All this makes us say without any shame, the Mediterranean and its shores are at the heart of the world sailing competition.


The development and use of renewable, sustainable and clean energy; ultimately respect for the environment, at present occupy a priority place among the concerns of our advanced society.

What's greener and more environmentally friendly than a sailboat?, Technological and engineering load exhibits a racing yacht is comparable to the investment and development of a company concerned about combine competitiveness and environmental friendliness .

Our Active: Everything works with the wind, the most abundant, sustainable and clean energy that nature offers us.


Reasons as outlined above explain the arrival of large companies from all sectors to the world of sailing, sponsoring events, teams and developing new projects. All this bringing it to the public, while maintaining an aura of high status and elitism, in perfect harmony with respect for the environment and the use of clean energy that we so concerned.

Innovation effort, high technology, teamwork, respect for the environment, clean, inexhaustible energy without waste ... all these are values ​​that transmits the sailing competition, so we understand that next CIRCUIT MEDITERRANEAN Racing Team is the ideal for achieving the corporate image they wish framework.

Then attach a solvent study on the positioning of the different sports depending on the values ​​transmitted and a specific study of the values ​​transmitted specifically sailing.


Fifteen years ago we began our voyage in front of a Race Team, with the aim that this was sound and destined to continue, growing year after year thanks to sufficient resources both technical and human, that have made us a team success true benchmark in European competition candle. This statement is not free, we endorse our curriculum as a sports team, worth this brief summary:

  • IMS World Championship Valencia 2001.
  • Vice World IMS 50 ', Palma de Mallorca 2001.
  • Vice World IMS Mahon 2005.
  • Third place Copa del Rey, Palma de Mallorca 2002.
  • Champion Cup, Palma de Mallorca 2005.
  • Runner Copa del Rey, Palma de Mallorca 2006.
  • Ranked among the top three in every race for high-level circuit held in Spain during the period 2001-2006.
  • During the years 2008, 2009 and 2010 winners of the most high level evidence contested race with our team.
  • 2012, First place Copa La Reina, Valencia.


More Info: Competition Sports: Sailing - - Francisco Sanchez Kiko Moon

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